Popular Restaurants Menu Prices in Philippines

The Philippines is the most beautiful country in Southeast Asia famous for its group of various small and large islands, which is the main cause of tourist attractions. People all over the world visit these islands and create memorable days of their life. However, there are certain things to explore in this country like Mariana Trench, history, culture, and most importantly Philpno Foods and Drinks.

If you are looking to visit the Philippines or you are a native Philip, and searching for popular restaurants with Menu and Prices, here you will get everything. The Philippines offers the most delicious food taste in Southeast Asia which many people are unaware of. Let’s explore the most delectable taste prepared in different restaurants in the Philippines.

  1. Pancake House Menu and prices in Philippines

Do you love pancakes? Have you ever tasted pancake in the Philippines? If not, I am going to tell you the reason why you should try it. Pancake is the most famous restaurant in Phinlpine where the fresh and unique pancake is served with a delicious flavorsome taste. The restaurant originated in 1953 in Portland, USA. It is one of the biggest chains in the pancake industry. The world’s best pancake is found here. But, the restaurant also serves various other items on its menu.

Pancake House Menu includes different items like Waffles, Breakfast, Pasta, Kids Menu, Sides, burgers, Starters, Sandwiches, crepes, beverages, salads, omelets, and much more. To get the full list of Pancake House Menu and prices in Philippines, check our menu list.

  1. Greenwich Menu and prices in Philippines

In the Philippines, if you are looking for a unique and most delectable pizza, here you will get the full detail of it. Greenwich is the hub of the Pizza Industry. The restaurant was opened n 1971 and covering the rapid journey, it’s reached more than 350 branches across the Philippines. The restaurant is famous for its various type of  Pizza like white pizza, red pizza, crunch pizza, snack pizza, overload pizza, classic pizza, etc.

However, the restaurant not only serves pizza, there are different other categories on the Greenwich Menu list. Here you can get chicken and sides, solo meals, pasta, desserts, sandwiches, salads, wings, drinks, and various other food items. Get the full list of  Greenwich Menu and prices in the Philippines.

  1. Mos Burger Menu and prices in the Philippines

Mos Burger has menu items in Burgers, Burger Sets, Rice Bowl, Sides, Sides, and Beverages in Philippines.


If you are a burger eater and looking for a flavourful taste in the Philippines, here I will share with you the favorite burger restaurant which you will never be tired of eating. MOS Burger is one of the big names in Burger Food chains. Actually, this is a famous brand in Japan. But its popularity is widespread. Therefore, burger lovers always prefer MOS Burger rather than anything else. If you have not yet tasted MOS Burger, it’s time to get yummy.

Mos Burger Menu also includes other food items like Rice Bowl, Beverages, Sandwiches, Sides, French fries, soups, chicken nuggets, desserts, and drinks. Another thing that people like about Mos Burger because the homemade bun is used in it which makes its taste delicious. Get the full list of Mos Burger Menu and prices in Philippines.


  1. Papa Johns Menu and prices in Philippines

Papa John is not merely a name, it’s one of the top names in the food chain industry across the world. Papa John’s is an American Restaurant food chain initiated by Papa John Schanatter in 1984. If you are a food lover, especially a Pizza lover, and you have tasted pizza from famous brands like KFC & McDonald’s, get your next pizza from Papa John’s and see the difference. I bet you would like it. But before ordering, I will tell you Papa John’s Menu and prices list.

Pizza is not the only item that Papa John’s serves. Papa John’s Menu consists of the items like pasta platters, sides, desserts, various kinds of pizza, and drinks. But before visiting Papa John’s you need to have a look at the complete menu items. Here you can get the full list of Papa John’s Menu and prices in Philippines. Plan your visit and get yummy!

Other Most Popular Restaurants and Menu Prices in Philippines

You have got an overview of the most popular restaurants menu prices in Philippines. But, this is not the end of the game. There are multiple restaurants in Philippines which have their demands in public. Every restaurant has something unique to offer that the other restaurant lacks. From cold drinks to hot drinks, coffee, and shake, and from simple meals to delicious and delectable breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, and various other fast-food items, everything is available on the menu list of these restaurants. Are you curious to get the detail of these restaurants, check our page and select your favorite item? Our latest Menu and Prices list in Philippines will help you select your favorite food item at an affordable price. Get ready to spice up.